Transport Refrigeration

The refrigeration unit in a commercial truck or van can often be the most important device in the vehicle. If you’re transporting food or pharmaceuticals, the quality of your

vehicle’s products may rely on the quality of your refrigeration unit. With this in mind, it’s vital that you keep your transport refrigeration well maintained at all times. The team at Mulvey Refrigeration Technology are experts when it comes to transport refrigeration, specialising in a wide range of refrigeration services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. We can repair, service, maintain and install refrigeration and freezing units in all sized vehicles ranging from small commercial vans all the way up to 44ft articulated trailers. With our F Gas certifications and 3 decades in business, you can rest assured that your transport vehicle will be well-maintained with top quality customer service. We’ll do our job so that you can continue excelling in yours.

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Our Transport Refrigeration Services Cover:

Our Transport Refrigeration Services Cover:

  • Small Commercial Refrigerated Vans

  • Chiller Conversion Vans

  • Semi-Freezer Conversion Vans

  • Full-Freezer Conversion Vans

  • Refrigerated Lorries

  • 44ft Articulated Trailers

  • Single & Multi-Temperature applications

Commercial Refrigeration FAQ

  • How cold is a refrigerated lorry?

    The exact temperature of refrigerated vehicles vary, but many range from about 0-5 degrees Celsius.

  • How can I turn my van into a refrigerated van?

    A qualified professional will be able to properly install a fridge unit into a van. Mulvey Refrigeration Technology offers transport refrigeration installations, repairs and maintenance for commercial vehicles.

  • Do I need to service my refrigerated vehicle?

    If your commercial vehicle has a refrigeration unit installed, you should keep up to date with maintenance and repair work so that it is always working optimally. Mulvey Refrigeration

    Technology offers servicing to all commercial refrigerated vehicles.

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