Air Conditioning

Having a high-quality air conditioning setup can be an important addition to any home or office space. The team at Mulvey Refrigeration Technology have been working in the Air Conditioning Industry for over three decades, and know what your space needs when it comes to air conditioning. Whether you need an existing system serviced, or want a total installation of a new unit, Mulvey Refrigeration Technology can advise you on the best setup to suit your home, office or vehicle. We have experience in the maintenance and repair of almost all air con units and brands, with no job too big or too small. If you’ve been meaning to get your air conditioning system checked or repaired, why not contact us today?

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Commercial Air Conditioning

If you are a business owner, it is vital that you have an air conditioning unit installed for the comfort and health of your employees and customers. Offices, warehouses, and hospitality premises benefit greatly from the cooling effects air conditioning, as well as its ventilation and air purifying properties. Here at Mulvey Refrigeration Technology, we know how to repair, service and install commercial air conditioning units so that you can rest assured that your system will be kept running in tip-top

shape. We know how frustrating a broken air conditioning system can be, which is why we provide rapid response to all queries and carry out our repair and maintenance work promptly and professionally. If your commercial premises has an air con unit that needs work, call Mulvey Refrigeration Technology today.

Vehicle Air Conditioning

We spend so much time in our cars these days, it’s important that they’re comfortable places to be. If your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working properly, it can be frustrating and can make your car stuffy, hot and unpleasant to be in. As well as this, a broken air conditioning unit in your vehicle will greatly lower the value of your car, making it more difficult to sell in the future. When it comes to vehicle air conditioning repair, Mulvey Refrigeration Technology are skilled workmen who can fix almost any make or model. Our team are specialists in the field of vehicle air conditioning, offering repair, maintenance, and installation services to car owners across Leinster. We work quickly to repair your car’s faulty air-con, guaranteeing that you will be left with a long-lasting, reliable, and minimally invasive system to enjoy while you drive. If your vehicle air conditioning is broken, give us a call for professional, cost-effective and experienced repair work.

Air Conditioning FAQ

  • What is an air conditioning system?

    An air conditioner is a system that treats air by removing warm air and replacing it with cooler air. This cools the space that the system is installed in.

  • How much will it cost to fix my car air conditioning?

    The cost of fixing vehicle air conditioning varies depending on the make and model of car you have. Mulvey Refrigeration Technology offers competitive pricing and free quotes on all air conditioning repair services.

  • Is air conditioned air bad for you?

    No, air conditioned air is not bad for you. Air conditioning can actually be good for you, by cooling down over-heated air and even purifying air in some systems.

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